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Enjoy looking through our categories of creative sessions and events and choose something to enjoy or gift.  You can turn any experience into a special gift with our greeting cards, certificates and bags.  Check the 'Gifts' section in the menu above.

On a mobile, click on the category arrow to find all sessions and book directly. If you wish to create a log in account to see all your information and orders, please read the instructions for how create at the bottom of this page before booking. 


                   I hope you have a fabulous time with us, Lisa x

Gift Certificates



Creating an account: instructions

  1. Firstly go to Log in, on the menu bar to create an account. This is important as it will enable you to see your bookings and any orders you subsequently purchase and a record of your transactions. 

  2. Then log in and click on the title of the experiences for detailed information and to learn more and choose the experience you want.

  3. If you want to book a session, click 'Book Now', and that will take you to the calendar, where you can choose the session and then pay.  To look for future dates, look at the dots on the calendar underneath the dates.  

  4. This will then be shown in your Log in section.  Your orders will show your purchase and the booking will show the date and slot you have chosen.  You will also receive a confirmation email.

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